Monday, June 8, 2015

Miracles of the Fast

June 8, 2015
Hello Family,
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This week was good. We worked a lot with one of our recent convert Linda (He Chong) who is from China! She was baptized last year, but we are having the Elder's in Boston skype with us right now to re-teach her the lessons in Chinese. Usually once a week she comes to the chapel and then we skype with two of the Elders in Boston who speak Chinese fluently. It is a great opportunity to hear the gospel preached in yet another tongue, and the spirit is still there. Plus Linda is great! We get to help her this evening calling some American schools to get her applications worked out. Apparently they weren't submitted correctly so we are helping her figure out what she needs to do. Yay English!

Food Truck Festival Yum!
My district found this big food truck festival over by the chapel here in Lodz. I think I ate the best hamburger I have ever eaten in my life, well at least in Poland. My comp and I ended up going back later for our dinner hour and getting Pot stickers, ice-cream, and gofry (waffel's) with nutella and bananna's. Oops naughty us, but it was oh so fun! I wish you could have been there with us to try it haha. Loved it!

Not so funny story of the week. So I tried to go to the dentist this week. I requested an English speaking dentist so I could explain the situation with the abscess on my gums. I thought maybe I had a cavity on my back molar that was causing the problem. But the dentist that I got sent to seriously did not speak English, apparently he isn't used to dealing with such small things or seeing perfect teeth either because of the smoking and drinking problems in this country. He didn't think anything was super wrong. He was like... You want me pull out? and I was like ummm seriously, no! He said he didn't see anything that I would have to get pictures (x-rays). Well they didn't even have x-ray equipment at the facility so he tried to send me to another one. Then he was like... You get picture here... pay me after to see picture... and maybe something hurt still.. then we drill. Then he charged me money for poking my tooth twice and telling me to go to another place. So I was like okay, and then walked/ran out of the office.

One more thing I have to mention about miracles related to fasting. I have always fasted in my life, I knew it was something that was good. Yet fasting has taken up so much more meaning to me on my mission. When I was struggling last transfer and didn't even know how to help myself I did a 24 hour fast, and things changed. I don't even know exactly what changed, but I saw the hand of God in my life. Then yet again this transfer I have seen the Lord answer my fasts and prayers. I fasted for zone conference, and I was spiritually fed. Then yesterday I fasted to find someone elect that we can teach. My district traveled down to southern Lodz to to some tracting in the country. I chose the area and felt guided to a place called Starowa Góra. The elders got let it (the lady also gave them an emerald suit from the 80's and sweaters haha), and then my companionship met this man and son. The son spoke perfect English and was very patient and kind and actually listened to what we said. He was intellectual, but said he could see the conviction in our eyes. They took a Book of Mormon and are coming to English this week to discuss more. I know this is not exactly a guarantee of someone getting baptized into this branch, but I know it was an answer to my fast and prayer. I know that the Lord will help us in way's we cannot even understand if we will exercise our agency to seek, act, and follow. I know this to be true.
You are all very much loved.

Sister Benson

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