Monday, June 1, 2015


June 1, 2015 Czekam
Hello Everyone,

Today my companion was in Warsaw all day for legal work, so I got babysat by the Elder's all day and our email time got moved back to the end of the day. We don't have much time, so I will just give you a quick rundown of the week.

Well my birthday was wonderfully splendid. My district took good care of me, I bought some fresh strawberries and my wonderful Sister Bąk brought in a ton of birthday mail for me when she came in the evening. Seriously such a great gift to get to spend part of my birthday with one of my best friends in the mission. I was so shocked at how many birthday cards I got, plus all of the voice recordings, and the packages. Thank you all so much.

My district had a wonderful district meeting to spiritually prep for zone conference, then we fasted as a district on Wednesday. Thursday morning we got on a train early and headed into Warsaw. I remember thinking on the train, I have prayed, written down thoughts, fasted and honestly strived to be prepared for this zone conference, yet I still don't feel immensely spiritually in tune. I looked out the window and had the impression... Sister Benson, do you trust me. I thought to myself, as much as I often fight it, I do Lord. And it came again... Then trust me, and you will learn today. Zone conference was so inspired and such a blessing, exactly some things that I needed to hear. The Assistants talked about companionship unity, and President talked about gratitude and following the spirit. It was wonderful. 
I know that this church is true. Worthy men hold the true power and authority of God! The priesthood is on the earth, and personal revelation is available to all. I know that if we desire revelation in church, conference, any holy place... If we sincerely desire, prepare ourselves, pray, fast, and have faith in God, He will provide. God is our loving Heavenly Father, trust in Him, and He will make us more through this mortal journey. 

Love you all,

Sister Benson

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