Monday, February 2, 2015

A Day In The Life of Sister B

February 2, 2015
Hello Everyone,
I know, I know, it is a rare day indeed when I actually finally getting around to sending pictures. But I thought that while I had the opportunity to send some home today I would just give a little update about my life! Here goes it...

Exchanges in Lodz with Sister Slagowski
Currently I am still serving in the huge, magnificent, beautiful, capital of Poland, Warsaw. I have been super blessed this transfer to be given so many opportunities to grow. I am currently training my wonderful companion Sister Johnston, and we only have about three weeks left of this transfer. Polish is a beautiful language, and thank goodness, I am finally starting to catch on. You would all laugh super hard at me, but at the beginning of this transfer I honestly didn't have a green idea of most of what people were saying to me in Polish and most of my conversations with people consisted of serious charades and lasted approximately 2 minutes tops. Let's just say it was an interesting situation, but finally I get the gist of what is going on and can carry on a decent conversation, even on the telephone!!!! Progress is heaven! I still am about at child level, but heck, onwards and upwards right!
Funny story of the week;  let’s just say I have a reoccurring problem addressing people by the wrong gender. Polish formal introductory form can be tricky, but at least it catches their attention very quickly when I get it wrong haha. The other day I rang someone’s dome-a-phone trying to track down a less active woman in our branch. Well, a man answered but I didn't know what to do because I was looking for a woman named Dorota. Well I called him a woman anyways because I pretended I didn't know he was a man. He acted pretty insulted, needless to say, he didn't let us in. We also went and got our hair cut today. But I had absolutely no idea half of what the lady was asking me, so she ended up deep conditioning my hair and way overcharging me because I couldn't object. They took advantage of my bad language skills ugh! At least I don't look like a sheep dog anymore! Seriously every day there is like a hundred things that happen you would all probably laugh at! It gets boring when I am the only one laughing at my awkwardness and mistakes! Sometimes my comp joins in.

Seriously the world is full of beautiful people all around. You people that I already know and love, plus the new people I meet here every day in this faraway country make up the fabric of my life. You are all a great source of joy to me, and I love you all more than words can express. Serving a mission has really opened up my eyes, and I am grateful to have the chance right now in my life to serve a mission. The gospel is my rock, I know it is true! True lasting joy is found in following the example set by the savior. Thank you for all of the love, you are all the best. Hope you have a wonderful week!
With Love,
Sister Benson

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