Monday, February 16, 2015

O Tym Wiem! About this I know!

February 16, 2015 
Dearest Family,

This week we got invited over to the Warsaw I zone to help with a chapel tour. We didn't really know what to expect. We had all of the Warsaw I zone missionaries to help, plus the Ap's, plus my companion and I. We planned on showing a religious tour group the Wolska chapel and give them just a little presentation from the missionaries about what we believe. Next thing we know a group of like 45 old bapcia's (grandmothers) show up, definitely not what I was expecting. They
were so interesting, most were really staunch Catholic, yet they all were touring all of these different religions. We split them into two groups, my group was a bunch of angels, minus one lady who kept acting ridiculous and kept trying to speak to the missionaries in English. Apparently the other tour group was naughty though haha, their main guy had to tell them to calm down. He said "Ladies, Ladies, they are not trying to convert you, they are just teaching you what they believe. We managed to give out over 40 Book of Mormon's! Good experience. It made me grateful for my own grandparents who are really lovable and kind.
Sister Benson and Sister Simkins on Splits
I think I have finally started to master my fear of tracting. It always used to terrify me because I didn't understand what people were saying, plus so many people get angry and yell at you. Basically tracting is a challenge for me, but it gets easier when you can kind of tell what people are saying, and this week I really focused on the fact that our message is for everyone, regardless of whether they accept it or not. We are offering them an option of salvation. We have been tracting so much lately because we received an on line referral that a woman would like to meet with us. So cool! But apparently she forgot to list her apartment number, phone number, or email. Thus we only have her street and building number, so we are tracting every door in the hopes of finding her. We write down the doors that dome answer and then we are going to go back until we have hit every door. Now that is thorough! We hope we find her this week, we have done about two thirds of the building, but I know we need to find her soon. Bring on the tracting!
We have been helping teach a Polish class to some of the Americans in the area and from the branch. The funny thing is, we have been here for a way shorter amount of time than some of them and we are teaching them? Gift of tongues baby! They are really great though, this is a crazy language and I admire their desire to try. I definitely wouldn't say we were qualified for this job quite yet, but that is why we need the other elders there to correct us when we accidentally give false information haha!
Well this transfer is almost over. I love love love Warsaw still and it has been a privilege to serve here. I am anxious to find out what the next transfer will bring. As this transfer draws to a close, four sisters will return home. Then my group of sisters from the MTC officially becomes the senior sisters of the mission. There is only one group ahead of us and then an eight month gap of no sisters. We are essentially the leaders now, which is crazy. It is a unique yet slightly scary opportunity. Everyone who comes in after will now look to us. I look forward to the challenge and blessing it presents.
Sister Benson and Sister Moncur
Both from Idaho Falls
Hey Family, be watching for a certain Sister Lexi Moncur. She is from Idaho Falls and will be returning in the group going home next week. She has served around me here in Warsaw since I got here six months ago. She will hopefully be bringing something by for you all from me, and she may have some pictures and stories to share with you. I send my love with her, she is the best!
I am so grateful for my family, I am so grateful for missionary work! This mission has changed my eternity and I am so grateful not only that I made the decision to serve a mission, but to serve it well while I am here. That is not to say that I don't have any regrets, because I always do, but I know that I try and work hard every single day! One of my current investigators is named Kaja, she is so amazing. I know that one of the reasons I was called to Poland was to meet Kaja. She doesn't have a baptismal date yet, but I know she will someday be a kingdom builder here in Poland. There are miracles happening in this mission!

O Tym Wiem! About this I know! Essentially that is the exact translation, but it means to me this I know for a surety. I know that my message as a missionary about Jesus Christ and the restoration of His gospel through Joseph Smith is true. The Church is so true, the Plan of Salvation brings me so much direction and peace. I love my eternal, earthly, and mission family. I know that this is all true because I have sought it out, learned it, lived it, prayed about it, shared it, and felt it touch my spirit. Because I know these truths it helps me to conquer my fears and try to become better every day with the help of the Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for all of the many blessings I have in life. I love you all more than words can express. Have a wonderful week!

Love, Love, Love,
Sister Benson

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