Monday, January 12, 2015


January 12, 2015
Dearest Family,This week I officially got registered in Poland, I even called my landlord, and did the paperwork by myself, (with the instructions from the office haha). Then I marched down to the state urzad and got my Zameldowania (registration). Now that is something I never thought I would be doing a year ago. We have been teaching a lot of investigators and recent converts lately, and my goal for this next week is to find someone new to teach. We are teaching some really amazing girls right now. It is quite a privilege to get to meet with and teach so many interesting people every day. Missionary work is amazing. Progression is key. Not just as a missionary, but as a Child of God. You don't have to serve a mission to continue to progress (but let me tell you it is excellent for whopping you into shape), and it is part of our heavenly fathers plan that we have the opportunity to change and become better thanks to the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love my Savior, I know that He lives and Loves us more than we could ever know. The price for our Salvation was not cheap, so let us never take it for granted. Honor it every day, grow, and progress everyday! Love you all and have a beautiful week.
 Love, Love, Love,Sister Ellie Benson

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