Monday, May 4, 2015

First Week in Lodz

May 4, 2015
Hey There Family,
Sister Benson and Herrera
So just for a quick update on my first week here in Lódz. My companions name is Sister Cindy Herrera, she is from California, in her second transfer.  She is really sweet. They have a nice sized branch here which is great.  I was excited to move areas, but I forgot how hard it is to transition cities. Everyone looks at the missionaries and expects them to just immediately know what is up, the in's and out's of the branch, and everything else with the spiritual maturity of an apostle. Plus my comp is still trying to figure things out from last transfer, good thing my transnavigational system learns fairly quickly. Top it all off with the language, which yes has gotten better, alas it is still a struggle. A lady in the branch heard me pray yesterday in church and talking with a few other members, afterwards she was like "you translate for your companion, you speak perfect Polish," which of course I really do not. Five minutes later she had taken that statement back haha. It's been a pretty good first week. They have a lot of investigators here in Lódz... just not any that are progressing haha. There is a really cool recently returned missionary here who just got back from serving in Chicago, her name is Dominika and I love her already, hopefully we will become good friends.
Tracting a Bunker

This week we are headed into Warsaw for zone training, and then I will actually be staying behind for exchanges even though it is super early in the transfer. Sister Bąk (my last comp) will be coming back to Lódz with Sister Herrera and I will stay in Warsaw with Sister Gustafson. I am definitely planning on going to see Kaja at some point! Our branch here in this area is also having its first Polski "grill" on Saturday. It's a basically like a Polish version of a barbeque and they are popular here during the warmer months. I am excited!
Last Day in Gdansk

Other than that, I am just trying to catch up with everything going on here. I have a fantastic district comprising of Elder's Wride, Fogg, Garrett, and Moulder and I have some high hopes for this transfer. This area was once upon a time booming, it has huge potential. Please PRAY for my companion and I, and our district to find those who are prepared be baptized and strengthen this branch this transfer. I love my Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ and I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to learn more about my relationship with them by serving a mission and others. I also must add how blessed we truly are. Sitting here on the other side of the world looking at how much good I have around me at home has made me realize how richly blessed I am. Allow God to shape you. The quiet reminder I had this week was that we are individually known, trust Him, and humble yourself enough to let him make more of your life. I love you all and hope you have a good week.
-Sister Benson

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